News from around the world

We’re lucky to be a part of new hot trend in fitness! There are so many events in the world of pole dancing happening this fall.
Here is just a partial list of competitions in Sept.-Dec.2010:

• Miss West Coast USPDF
• Miss East Coast USPDF
• East meet West (East Coast)
• American Pole fitness championship (NYC)
• Miss California
• Miss Georgia

• PoleArt (International, Sweden)
• Miss pole dance Russia
• Miss pole dance South America
• S African pole dance championship
• Miss pole dance argentina
• Miss pole dance brazil
• Central pole dance championship, New Zeland
• Miss pole dance Canada
• Miss pole dance Australia
• Gravity First: 1er encuentro de pole fitness en México
• Pole Dance Ireland Princess 2010
• The British Isles Pole Dance Champion Competition
• Compétition française de pole dance 2010
• International Pole Championship 2010, Japan
• World pole sport and fitness championship, Switzerland
• Mr. Pole Fitness, UK
• Miss Pole Fitness – Amateur UK
• Miss Pole Fitness – semi-pro,UK