How to reduce the body odor with deodorant and antiperspirant

Body odor is present in animals and humans, and its power can be influenced by many factors specially at strong genetic basis . Sometime, body odor is very an unpleasant smell because of the result of bacteria breaking down protein into certain acids.

Body odor usually becomes clear when a human reaches puberty – 14-16 years of age in females and 15-17 years of age in males. So if you do not take measures your body odor, it can be your big trouble.

Many solutions are advised to people having body odor( wash your body when sweating, go to see the doctor and have some surgery…). But the most simple way is using deodorant.

Deodorants make the skin more acidic and dry. It make bacteria difficult to thrive . Importantly, deodorant is easy to use, take along and has good smell. You can chose the smell you like most. It also protect you all day from smell.

And these are some advices when you apply deodorant.

It’s better  to apply deodorant  at night than in the morning. Why’s that? It’s simple that your body temperature is cooler at night. It means that your sweat glands  are more receptive to the active ingredients in antiperspirant, helping it to penetrate more effectively. And there’s no need to reapply antiperspirant in the next morning. Scientific studies have shown that, if such use deodorant before bed, it can reduce sweating to 48 hours later.

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Using deodorant properly

In fact, not many people use deodorant properly. Using deodorant wrong  affect to keep its fragrance on your body. Here are the exact techniques to help you use any deodorant rightly:

– Shake the bottle before spraying deodorant

– Do not spray directly into the underarm. Let’s just enough spray deodorant after dressing if you sweat a lot.

– If you use deodorant bottle shape (axillary roll), let dry and then dress.

How to buy best deodorant/antiperspirant ?

– Read products review before buy.

– Read deodorant buying guide

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