Alternative fitness

pole dancing-alternative fitness

Pole dancing has become a popular activity for middle age people during last 2-3 years. Started in California, Las-Vegas and New-York City, now it is widely practiced in most places across North America. I’d like to bring an example of Denver, CO as an average Midwest city.

Two years ago Denver had three pole dancing studios which had been regularly attended by approximately ten to fifteen students each. Now there are five studios specific to pole dancing and several new dance and fitness studios offer pole dancing classes as well. Google shows almost 90% increase in search for “pole dancing classes” and “pole dancing lessons” in Denver metro area during last twelve months.

Besides increasing number of studios the new trend is to offer more types of pole dancing connecting it to yoga, ballet, gymnastics and even burlesque type group shows. And yes, it is now accepted as male fitness activity too. More and more people have come to understanding the fact that pole dancing is not just about moving hips and taking off closing. Pole dancing combines beauty of arts, excitement of sports and fun of night clubs. It helps people to gain confidence, encourages to workout to have strong healthy bodies. It is available for people of all ages (18+) and body types. There is even a specific class for women 50 and better in one of new studios.

So next time you will have hard time getting to your old fashioned gym with boring machines and sweaty people around, think outside of the box and look for a pole dancing studio for workout. Good mood and sore muscles are guaranteed.