How to reduce the body odor with deodorant and antiperspirant

Body odor is present in animals and humans, and its power can be influenced by many factors specially at strong genetic basis . Sometime, body odor is very an unpleasant smell because of the result of bacteria breaking down protein into certain acids. Body odor usually becomes clear when a human reaches puberty – 14-16

Valentines Day Challenge

Devoted to Olympics in Canada… I address this video to those who believe that pole is a stripper’s instrument. I’m looking for brave men who would be interested in fun challenge of learning those tricks. Ladies – let’s help your significant others to become stronger – who is up for couple’s pole dancing? New dimension of fitness

Good Mood News

We’re coming into a busy time. The owner of Good Mood Club, Elena Mikhaylova, attends Tri-Pole competition and workshops in LA 13-15 August. In September we will introduce a brochure for those who want to learn pole dancing. At the beginning of October Elena is proud to be a speaker at the largest convention for

News from around the world

We’re lucky to be a part of new hot trend in fitness! There are so many events in the world of pole dancing happening this fall. Here is just a partial list of competitions in Sept.-Dec.2010: US: • Miss West Coast USPDF • Miss East Coast USPDF • East meet West (East Coast) • American

New articles about pole dancing – from Elena Mikhaylova

Last week the owner of Good Mood Club was approved as an expert on pole dancing for fitness on Here is the link to my first article. I would greatly appreciate your feetback and ideas for new articles! Don’t forget to subscribe if you want to receive updates on pole dancing from!

Alternative fitness

Pole dancing has become a popular activity for middle age people during last 2-3 years. Started in California, Las-Vegas and New-York City, now it is widely practiced in most places across North America. I’d like to bring an example of Denver, CO as an average Midwest city. Two years ago Denver had three pole dancing

A comment on recent pole dance intro class

Not only was this fun b/c I finally got to try a pole dancing class and learn more about it, But the group of girls seem really nice. It’s not easy to be comfortable with a new group of people when wearing short shorts and trying to not look a fool while spinning on a

Wedding prep. camp

Are you getting married?  Congratulations!!! We have a Special gift for you and your guests! Free fun fitness camp for brides and 50% discount for up to 5 of your most desirable guests. We’ll help you to feel and look great at this special day!  Looking fabulous on your wedding will not only make you

Thanksgiving Special!

Get laid off? Call Good Mood Club! Good Mood Club –local fun fitness community offers Thanksgiving Special: Free fitness classes in Evergreen, Conifer and Denver during November, 2009 for those who lost their jobs during this fall. Don’t let bad economy to get you down. Stay active, healthy and confident. And we’re here to help